Bio Casa is the first private house in Europe to receive the highest certificate of compliance for the LEED for Homes® protocol, equivalent to LEED PLATINUM®, and the first in Italy to have been privately submitted to the carbon footprint analysis, a measurement of the carbon dioxide released in the environment over time, which turned out to be 60% lower than the average emission from traditional buildings. Such an achievement was made possible owing to the “Welldom method”, which brings together the most advanced building technologies in terms of bioclimatic systems and energy performance, to obtain minimum environmental impact coupled with maximum comfort – meaning thermal, olfactory (quality of the air), visual (lights), acoustic and psychological well-being. For instance, the indoor climate reaches precise temperature and humidity standards according to the differing activities to be carried out in each room; the internal air is always “new”, filtered against pollen, dust and mites; acoustics is optimal, with no noise pollution deriving from internal echoes or machineries; the lightning system is designed to be as natural as possible, through optimal use of the sunlight. Moreover, all the rooms are free from radon gas, synthesis products, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and from harmful electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. With regards to energy saving and the conservation of natural resources, Welldom has designed a system to use materials that are 99% recyclable, to provide for 100% rainwater collection and auto production of energy from renewables, thanks to a photovoltaic system producing around 14kWp of electricity and a very high performance geothermal system that provides heat production, domestic hot water, and cooling. The house has, in fact, a very low energy consumption (< 25 kW/ m2 per year). Moreover, only certified green, recyclable and, if possible, local or km zero materials have been used. –

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